The Upper Val di Non: precious advice

Holidays in the nature of South Tyrol

In summer or in winter, it makes no difference: in San Felice in the Alta Val di Non nature always shows its most beautiful side. From the Palade Pass, the wide plateau opens up, dotted by impressive canyons, evergreen conifer woods, and clear mountain lakes and waterfalls. On the horizon, the majestic Brenta Dolomites. Behind, in the distance, Lake Garda. Here, on the border between two provinces, two language groups and two cultures, the true combination of the Alps and the Mediterranean emerges.

The best part: early each day, you can wake up with the deer, while, late in the evening, sitting around the bonfire, you will receive a goodnight from an incredibly starry sky.

At any time of the year


Spring. Summer. Autumn

These seasons leave nothing to be desired!

  • Excursion on Monte Luco to the malga and to the summit (2.5 hours walk)
  • Relax in the forest clearing behind the chalets
  • Mountain bike tour through the valley or at high altitude
  • Swimming in ponds or lakes in the valley
  • Canoe ride to Lake Santa Giustina
  • Excursion to the small alpine zoo “La Fattoria Rainguthof”
  • Predaia or Caldaro Adventure parks
  • Cultural tours: visits to castles, sanctuaries (San Romedio) and museums
  • Courses to learn about herbs
  • Yoga amid nature
  • Preparation of traditional rye bread at the Maso Roatnocker

Once a week you will be taken on an excursion by Richard Passler: between valleys and mountains, you will experience an adventure in the middle of pure nature

Do you want to learn about our region, its people and its culture? We help you!


The most beautiful Winter Wonderland

  • Pleasant walks through the snowy landscape
  • Snowshoeing in the enchanted winter nature
  • Sled ride from Felixer Alm to the valley
  • Snow adventures on the small ski lift in Senale (5 km)
  • With ice skates on Lake Tret (no rental service) or at Lake Smeraldo (rental service)
  • Cross-country skiing on the slopes of Regole di Malosco
  • Preparation of traditional rye bread at Maso Roatnocker
  • Day Spa in our partner hotel Alpiana in Foiana
  • Wellness at the Merano Thermal Baths
  • Skiing with lifts to Monte Roen, Madonna di Campiglio, Ultimo and Merano 2000

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Chalet for family holidays

Families of all kinds here are welcomed in the middle of nature. Our chalets, surrounded by needle trees, offer children and adults enough space to express themselves. In the common room we provide board games, cards and construction sets. Also, just outside the door, you will find the most beautiful playground on earth: nature with all its wonders. Enjoy complete freedom, return to your childhood and marvel as if were the very first time. There is a beautiful world to discover!

Summer fun
  • Romping around in the forest and shadow plays on the sunny flower meadows: Never before has freedom been so near and children's eyes so wide.
  • Swim with your kids in the pond nearby or in the lakes of the valleys - because the refreshing wet is a must for all mermaids.
  • While canoeing in Lake Santa Giustina, you will not only have an overwhelming view of the surrounding hills reflected in the water, but you will also experience a fun adventure.
  • A trip to the small alpine zoo "Tierpark Rainguthof" is also worthwhile, where cute ponies, colourful peacocks, donkeys, deer and many other animals await you, which you can even stroke.
  • The forest in winter holds many secrets - trudge on quiet soles through the white landscape and follow the tracks.
  • If you are lucky, you will be rewarded with thick white flakes. Perfect for making a snowman or taking cover in snowball fights.
  • Toboggan from the Felixer hut down to the valley - fast-paced skating fun guaranteed!
  • Exciting snow adventures at the small lift in the neighbouring village Senale (5 km) await you.
  • While skating at the Felixer pond (no rental on site) or at LakeSmeraldo (rental on site) our little guests will feel like ice princes and ice princesses.
  • The traditional bread baking at the Roatnocker farm not only gives you valuable insights into a very old tradition, but also shows you that homemade simply tastes best.
  • And for those who want to treat themselves to a break in warm water, the thermal baths of Merano (30 km) offer numerous pools for swimming and wellness.

At any time of the year