Three good reasons of why our children - and even our kids -do want to come on feliZitas-holiday with us:

Time. Slowing down is good for everyone and our children. And kids know this very well. Sleeping in is the plan! Finally we can slow down. Chill out! For once doing absolutely nothing. One thinggrown-ups can learn from young people. And all of a sudden we realise that we REALLY have time for each other.

Space. Children and youngsters demand their space . Their own room. The chalets offer the right mix of privacy and social interaction. In the evening, either in the communal yurt or outdoors in the barbecue area. Plenty of space out there to meet and stay together. We have chosen the right distance. The valley gives us the room we need.

Nature.  The emotion of nature is and always will be the highlight. And we “are” nature. Even children and young people know it. There is nothing as powerful as being in touch with the elements our hopes are made of: light, wind, rain, earth, fire, colours…